New York City has never been seen quite like this – a little bit of its quirky history and very nifty things around the town

Welcome to the CricketDiane New York City Walkabout Blog

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

My name is CricketDiane. I live in Atlanta and write, do art, create things, research and design business plans for something to do in my spare time using my talents from my little apartment space.

This blog is about New York City where I know very little but ever want to know more. There are things I’ve researched and found there, a quick little trip I was able to take there recently and some very nifty photos and stories about it that I’ve found which I wanted a way to share. That is the purpose of this blog and the others I created this evening.

My main blog is on wordpress and has been the avenue for publishing things of interest to me and sharing things that I find to be important. This blog and the others about New York City are to serve that purpose in a more defined way and to celebrate Americaness found not only in New York City, but uniquely and implicitly everywhere from America to Timbuktu, where America has walked.

I wanted to create a place to celebrate that and to use my walkabout in New York City as part of the way to selectively describe that. There are things about New York City sitting on top of things on top of things and beside things, all of which describe Americans and America in the act of being indescribably American. They wouldn’t even exist as they are, if it had not been so. And, this blog is particular to those kinds of things.

Here is my hope that this will be as fun to read and to create as it feels right now. There are great photos that I took in New York which I hope to include here and things I’ve studied online about those places that will add some depth of knowledge to anyone wanting to explore New York City in a slightly more novel way than simply wandering through the hotel lobby on the way to the wonderful restaurants that abound there.

Here is my welcome and introduction. Hope, faith and trust will carry it forward to include what I found with all the other wonderful things online about New York City which are ever helpful and handy when visiting.

– cricketdiane



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